Antibiotics - Partner or Potentional Enemy?

2016.10.06 20:03

MHOE initiated an interdisciplinary conference in order to highlight the role of homeopathy (and CAM modalities) in an area where conventional medicine faces increasing difficulties. Prominent experts and well-known opinion leaders shared their knowledge, doubts and recommendations concerning the antimicrobial resistance problem.

More than 120 participants gathered in early September for a day-long forum in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss the growing problem of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The participants consisted of clinicians from various departments (hospitals, primary care), researchers and approximately 40 homeopathic doctors, who gathered to get the very latest information on an issue which health care professionals all over the world are seeking to address. The Forum was organised by two bodies, the Alliance of Hungarian Medical Societies and Associations (MOTESZ), and the Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association (MHOE). 

Details on the website of the European Commettee for Homeomeopathy


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